Sunday, July 18, 2010

wheel love

originally posted January 2010

Ladies, if you want your family to support an activity that takes you away from home, take up roller derby.  The kids are fairly excited about this skating turn of events.  Princess Sticky Skates, of course, got her own set of skates and is thrilled to have something to do with just me, without her brother. 

The Man keeps asking when I'm getting the fishnets and mentioned something about a 'derby bra'.  When I asked what a 'derby bra' is exactly - I was showing him how I skate with my hands clasped in front of me to avoid 'chicken arms' at the time - but he refused to elaborate, claiming that I would just blog it if he told me. 


I think it's just enough to say that The Man is excited too.

Young Birdie is showing his own particular form of support: he has fallen completely, irrationally in love with roller skates.  He can spend a ridiculous amount of time polishing and shining my wheels. I'm trying to pretend it's all about me, but I think he's just engaging in a bit of masturbatory wheel love. 


{Oh, you are some fine wheels!  Do you like it when I stroke you like this?}

Can you see him fifteen years in the future out on the driveway with his first motorcycle?


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