Sunday, July 18, 2010

derby practice #2 - track rash, bruises, still sucking

originally posted January 2010

Okay, mixed reviews here.  Second practice was not as hard as the first.  I got only 20 minutes or so of skating in this past week because it's been pissing down like god's been on a bender.  (Rollergirl says no skating in the rain.  No!) 

Thus, I still sucked pretty hard at the skating.  But I only had maybe four major crazy falls instead of five - one less jaw relocating smash on the ground better!  I did get my first track rash and a nice bruise seems to be developing around it.  Of course, it's on my elbow so it looks more like somebody grabbed my arm a bit too hard, maybe as they were hauling my ass into derby practice.  Since I really didn't want to go and hurt my face anymore this week.

Stupid winter and stupid tooth.  I have an extraction for the tooth booked on Tuesday, but I've really got nothing I can do about the rain.  Maybe get some full spectrum light bulbs to sit under?  I can't help but note that Alberta, though she may be cold, is at least got some sun every once in awhile.  Yes, it creates snow blindness, but, still, you could find a sunny window and drink your tea while you decide there is no way you are going out in the butt freezing weather. 

This other weird thing is happening where I'm coming to remember all my childhood sporty demons.  The whole picked last for the team, panic and throw the football at somebody's head when they try to tackle me, stuck out far in the outfield behind 3rd base and still missing the freaking ball the one chance I get the whole game.  I am strike out, get tired, bad attitude, smoke cigarettes and claim I have cramps gym girl and now, somehow on the wrong side of 30, I've got to find my inner-jock while mastering an extreme sport.  On wheels.

Somebody tell me what the fuck I'm doing again?

So, before my free trail with Typepad runs out, I'm trying to decide if I shall go on with this blog.  I shall, no matter what, go on with the roller derby.  But, just warning, if this page disappears, don't fret.  I've just decided to keep my derby lameness to myself.

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