Sunday, July 18, 2010

for those about to roll

originally posted January 2010

Salute I have been making inquires, both professional and personal, into the world of roller derby and talking to roller girls who head up derby leagues in British Columbia and Alberta.  My experience thus far has been that it is populated by friendly, generous women who really want to kick my ass.

I should say, they want me to get good enough on my skates so that I have an ass worth kicking.

I am three weeks past the date I received my first pair of roller skates in the post since I was ten years old.  I am less than 48 hours away from very first roller derby practice.  I am over thirty, sort of squishy, and not athletic. 

It is truly to their credit to the roller girls I have met over the past few weeks that they have helped me feel comfortable enough to think that I may be one day good enough to have my ass kicked.

It makes me feel special, it does. 

My mission, should I chose to blog it, is to learn to roller skate, learn to derby, learn to wear fishnets and stripey socks.

I`m inviting you all to come along as I learn about the world of roller derby.  Hopefully you can laugh with me and taunt me gently, keep me motivated and keep me humble.  I would not want the fishnets to go to my head.

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