Sunday, July 18, 2010

on the subject of pain

originally posted January 2010

If the weather doesn't change soon, I shall suck as bad at practice on Sunday as I did the previous week.  We've been rained in, with no place to practice skating.  Which is just as well, since my my activity level has ground nearly to a halt with an obnoxious tooth infection.  One of my molars had a cavity that had been filled last year, but now turns out to have still had some bacteria in it.  This past weekend, the bacteria has just begun attacking the root.  During an emergency visit to a dentist yesterday I was told that it was not, as I was previously convinced, the fault of the mouthguard I fitted Saturday evening.  Tonight, while Princess Sticky Skates skated up and down the hallway, I took a bath.

Hopefully, by the time the antibiotics do their thing the rain will have stopped for a day or so.  Long enough for the pavement to have dried up anyway.  Until then, I've been amusing myself reading other derby blogs.  If you go out looking, I suggest starting with the Queen of the Rink.  And now I will take myself away to whimper a bit more about my lame-ass rotten tooth.  This isn't doing much for my derby cred. 

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