Sunday, October 16, 2011

the third team... needs a beer

Hey, both of you, I'd like to invite you over to the sports blog, Any Sport Any Time, to read my post on RDRDA's Papa Razzo reffing the World Cup.

Referring is seriously hard work, no doubt about it, but refs are seldom in the spotlight like the players are.  It's hard to say exactly why.


It's one thing to argue, from a spectator's point of view, an invisible ref is a good ref, but us players know that this game wouldn't be nearly as much fun without them.

You should always thank the officials, refs and NSOs, after every game and practice.  Even if you think that some ref is a nasty piece of work and had it in for you the whole game, thank them.  They are there for the love of the sport, just like you, and every call they make is a chance for you to become a better player.

I'd like to start a trend of buying an official, ref or NSO, a beer after the game.  This Buy-An-Offical-A-Beer movement has nothing to do with my decision to learn the reffin' myself so I can help the men out when they get a chance to play - a rare occurance with men's roller derby in Canada.  But, if and when I get into some stripes and start pissin' off the players, I would like to mention that I'm particularly fond of pale ale.  Not 'light' beer, never making that fuckin' mistake.  Pale, damnit.

So, thank you to every ref that has taken the time to penalize my team.  We have become more aware and stronger players because of it. 

Papa Razzo by Christina Molendyk of Argent Dawn Photography

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