Monday, October 24, 2011

Skate and Destroy recap

Roller derby ate my life.

Last week I bouted, NSO'd two games, helped benchmark a largish group of rookies who went on to play their games, and reffed for the first time ever.

I also managed a few hours of sleep, but only after I visited with some good friends and drank the requisite amount of wine to lead to intoxication.

Stitch Rip-Her whipping off of Cakes on the outside.  Photo by Richard Lowes.
The bootcamp was amazing.  Actually, the rookies were amazing.  They came to camp at 8 am Saturday morning, did dryland with Team Canada's Taz (I mention this specifically because Taz is relentlessly fit and does her manical best to make others so also), had various skating classes with some (from personal experience) tough coaches, and kept at it all day.  The next at 9 am, we had good number of them skating laps and going through their skills to benchmark.  And then they bouted!

I got the easy bit.  I skipped the dryland and drills and went straight to the track with the Gas City Rollers, to play a challenging and hit-y kind of game.

Lip Lash, who's age shall remain undisclosed at this moment but know that you should be bowing down at this woman's feet and telling her how bloody awesome she is, cuttin' in for a BANG!  Photo by Richard Lowes (aka, Mr. Lash).

Of all the Nightshades games I've played (everyone to date), this last one was my favorite.  First off, I had some friends in the crowd, who yelled out encouragements to violence and generalized threats.  Second, Gas City brought some talented and fierce players and it was absolute joy to be able to match them.  The game was close all the way through, and our team just managed to squeak ahead for the last couple of jams. 

Fatal Fantasy, Lady Laceration and Lacee Long-Stalkin walling up.  Photo by Richard Lowes.
I am incredibly proud of our ladies.  Not for winning.  Don't tell anyone, but I hardly think to look at the score during a game.  Sometime during the second half, when the bench starts getting a little intense, I remember to look up and check it out to see what everyone is talking about.  What I am proud of is that we do teamwork well and maintain a positive vibe, no matter how much the game heats up.   

We were a good match up for the Gas City Rollers even though our team foundations are quite dissimilar. Of course I can only know from observation (sometimes, very close), but Gas City Rollers seem like a team of jammers: fast, smart and lithe. My team is one of blockers. We also play smart, but we tend to take over a space and stick to one another like we have our own gravitational pulls.  When we work together, we can seriously get in the way. I have watched opposing jammers round the corner and see one of our back walls of gray up just up the track and their whole body slumps slightly. 

Thanks Gas City for an excellent game.  Can't wait for you to have another crack at us.

I mentioned up at the top that I'm blowing girls now too, but you'll have to wait for another post to hear that story.  I've got to rush off and get prepared for our recruitment night tonight.  I'm excited to meet some new skaters and see some of our freshies who are coming for a free skate.  Our new derby school starts in a couple of weeks and I'm eyeball deep in planning drills and finding coaches.  Btw, now is a good time to share any resources for derby drills or coaching - I could use all the knowledge I can get.  Or for reffing - that too!

I said roller derby ate my life.  Did I mention that I'm not too sad about it?


  1. Whoooo! Sounds like a fantastic derby weekend!

  2. Yes, Lips is awesome. Thanks.(Mr. Lips)