Friday, July 1, 2011

There are a couple of things I can attribute to my girl Pamcakes.

First, the recognition of the difference between skating a few jams in a game versus really being in the game.

Last weekend was my first REAL game.  The first game where it wasn't a randomly played rookie invitational and the first game I played with my team where I skated every second or third jam.  The first game where my head and heart were in the right place and I truly put out everything I had to give out there on the track.  I am proud of myself and of my team.

Another thing I've taken from Cakes is the phrase, 'We kick ass at getting our asses kicked.'

We lost our game.  Epically.  Despite giving everything the Nightshades had as a team we lost by over a hundred points because the Raggedy Rollers from OSRDA just out skilled us at every turn.

I really don't feel bad about that.

As far as getting our asses handed to us, the Raggedy Rollers were a fine team to do it.  Couldn't of gotten beaten up by a fitter group of women.  I am actually, right now, wearing a tee shirt with their logo on it.  See?  No hard feelings.  They say that no matter what the score is, the real winners are the ones who are good sports.  And I because I am such an excellent loser, I'm really the winningest winner!  Or some such crap. 

On the bright side, I do know we learned much more as a team and individuals as we lost this game than through our previous wins.  We are a new team, this was only our third game, and a good dose of sweat, sprinkled with humility, and a spattering of sternum blocks is an excellent way to get a grip on reality and find some goals to set.

We have many goals now as a team.  Like not losing by a hundred points or more.

We also learnt what we do right.  Because we did get over a hundred of our own points.  When we work together we stand a much better chance of getting our girl through.  Plus, with having to work so hard for every small gain, there was the exquisite satisfaction of managing to knock one of the bitches down.  Few things sound sweeter than the clatter of pads and the enemy's ass hitting the ground.

So, thanks Cakes for giving me some perspective, something to grab onto after our team's first major defeat.  And thank you to the Raggedy Rollers for being such formidable opponents.  I am grateful for the game and even more so for lesson.  Before this past weekend's game I liked roller derby.  But now, oddly enough, I am officially in love

I left my heart out on that track last Saturday.  And I can't wait to do it again.

Photo by Argent Dawn Photography.

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